Forberg® Heat Treatment System

Premium Layer’s Mash Feed for Specific Pathogen Free Farms – SPF Farms

The Forberg Steam Heat Treatment System is used for production of premium feed for layers. Heat treatment of mash feed kills salmonella and significantly reduces bacterial spores. The final product is a high quality feed with a perfect structure for the layers. Research has proven better suitability of mash feed compared to pelleted and crumbled feed.

Coarsely ground grains, with an ideal structure for layers, are steamed in the Forberg® Mixer/Conditioner equipped with steam nozzles. While the components are mixed to perfect homogeneity and steam is injected, the Forberg® Mixer heats the product to the desired temperature above 86°C. The temperature is maintained over a certain period of time to kill salmonella and other pathogens.

After the heat treatment, the Forberg® Mixer discharges directly into a Forberg® Dryer/Cooler. In the Forberg® Dryer/Cooler, the moisture and temperature are brought back to the desired levels. The product is dried/cooled by blowing hot/cool air through the mechanically fluidized product. The reliable and repeatable process gives the same perfect quality product after each batch. After drying and cooling, heat sensitive components such as vitamins, enzymes, acids, flavor or pharmaceuticals can be added.

The mixture is now ready for packaging, bulk loading or intermediate storage.

Advantages of heat-treated mash feed compared to traditional pelleting and crumbling:

  • A batch rather than continuous system to ensure every particle is heat treated
  • Designed as a compact, vertical system to avoid any product accumulation
  • Micro agglomeration of the feed binding smaller particles together
  • Higher inclusion level of fat & oil
  • Addition of vitamins and enzymes after the heat treatment
  • Better health, behavior and performance of the flocks
  • Birds need more time for feed intake, which is beneficial in terms of bird behavior
  • Energy efficient
Fields of Application
Food industry Feed industry Chemical industry
Dairy powders Animal feed Detergents
Flour/bakery mix Minimal premixes Color pigments
Frozen vegetables Aqua/fish feed Fertillizers
Instant coffee Pet food Explosives
Nutraceutical products Building materials
Additional Equipment
Binds and Hoppers Hygienic design Product Sampling
Liquid Addition Weighing System Product Transport
Dimensions of the Forberg® Heat Treatment System
Model type Motor size (kW), mixer Motor size (kW), dryer Air flow (m3/h) Fan motor (kW) Filter area (m2) Heating (kW) Lenght (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
F-500-HT 2 x 2,5 2 x 7,5 4800 5,5 60 210 3800 4300 4200
FT-750-HT 2 x 7,5 / 2 x 11 2 x 11 6300 7,5 80 275 4000 4400 4800
FT-1000-HT 2 x 11/2 x 15 2 x 15 9300 15 120 407 5800 4500 5300
FT-1500-HT 30-37 45 12400 22 160 540 8900 6100 6000
FT-2000-HT 37-45 75 15500 30 190 680 9600 6800 6900
FT-2500-HT 37-45 75 16500 30 210 720 11000 7200 7500
FT-3600-HT 45-55 90 24000 45 300 1050 13000 7600 7900
FT-5000-HT 55-75 110 27000 55 340 1180 15500 8100 8500
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