Areas of expertise

Mixing processes will always be one of the core processes in feed and food manufacturing. The Forberg® twin-shaft paddle mixer is a versatile machine, in which many processes beyond mixing can be performed.

Based on Twin Shaft Paddle Mixing Technology, Forberg has developed several machines used in coating, vacuum coating, drying and cooling, powder granulation and steam heat treatment.

Forberg International focuses on the further development of complex production processes, in close cooperation with customers and research institutions.


Mixing processes will always be one of the core processes in bulk handling industries such as food, feed, chemicals and building materials. The Forberg ®twin-shaft paddle mixer is a versatile machine, in which many processes beyond mixing can be performed.

Powders and granulates independent of size, shape and density, are mixed to perfection in the Forberg Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer in the shortest possible time.

Liquid addition is a very common demand for many different mixing processes. Over the years Forberg has perfected techniques of evenly distributing liquids into powdery or granular materials.

Using a combination of special nozzles and devices and heating, Forberg can provide a solution for spraying or addition of almost any liquid regardless of its physical properties.

Vacuum Coating

Forberg® developed the Rotating Vacuum Coater (RVC) in the early 90s for the Norwegian fish farming industry for the production of oil core coated feed.

Today Forberg® produces the third generation of Forberg Coaters, which have found their applications in many industries outside of aquafeed. Anywhere where you have extruded pellets that need high penetration core coating, the RVC is used. Pet food, fish feed, shrimp feed, poultry feed, muesli and snacks are typical products coated in our machine.

The unique feature of the Forberg RVC is the fully automated Cleaning in Place (CIP) system, very convenient for processes with zero-tolerance for cross contamination between different recipes such as medicated feed production. Push the button, and during a 30 minutes lunch break, the machine is clean and ready for a new recipe.

Other practical, operational benefits include removed discharge doors – no pellet breakage, closed system, powder addition and always perfectly mixed.


The Forberg Drying System is a very efficient machine, suitable for the drying of powder products, granulates and filter cakes. The system is based on the well-known Forberg Twin Shaft Mixing Technology.

The product is dried by blowing hot air through the mechanically fluidized product. The mechanical fluidization ensures that all product particles are surrounded by the drying medium (hot, warm, cold air, inert gas, etc.) and effective transmission of energy occurs. Consequently, moisture is extracted from the product. The reliable and repeatable process gives the same perfect quality product after each batch.

Various industrial processes such as mixing, drying, cooling, micro granulation and liquid addition can be done in the Forberg Drying System. This system is both FDA and EFSA approved. Forberg International provides solutions, which meet the economical, environmental and technological criteria of today.

Steam Heat Treatment

The Forberg Steam Heat Treatment System is used for the production of premium feed for layers. Heat treatment of mash feed kills salmonella and significantly reduces bacterial spores. The final product is a high quality feed with a perfect structure for the layers. Research has proven better suitability of mash feed compared to pelleted and crumbled feed.

Coarsely ground grains, with an ideal structure for layers, are steamed in the Forberg® Mixer/Conditioner equipped with steam nozzles. While the components are mixed to perfect homogeneity and steam is injected, the Forberg® Mixer heats the product to the desired temperature above 86°C. The temperature is maintained over a certain period of time to kill salmonella and other pathogens.

After the heat treatment, the Forberg® Mixer discharges directly into a Forberg® Dryer/Cooler. In the Forberg® Dryer/Cooler, the moisture and temperature are brought back to the desired levels. The product is dried/cooled by blowing hot/cool air through the mechanically fluidized product. The reliable and repeatable process gives the same perfect quality product after each batch. After drying and cooling, heat sensitive components such as vitamins, enzymes, acids, flavor or pharmaceuticals can be added.

The mixture is now ready for packaging, bulk loading or intermediate storage.

Research and Development

Forberg International is one of the world leaders in the production of mixing, coating, drying and granulation equipment. Continuous development and research work, cooperation with academic institutions and solving customers’ technological problems guarantee the ultimate solutions for severe market demands and growing competition.

Forberg® mixers, dryers and coaters are frequently used in laboratories by customers for research, product development, quality control and training. Frequent customers have been R&D departments, research institutes and universities where mixing accuracy is crucial.

It is now possible to develop new processes for products, such as multiple layer technology with liquids and powders. The rotating laboratory units give each and everyone the possibility to ensure a 100% repeatability of tests and research and development results.

For testing at our site or rental, Forberg has the following lab-scale machines available:

  • Test Mixer
  • Test Coater
  • Test Dryer/Cooler/Granulator

All test machines are free-standing, designed for manual operations in lab conditions