Ingredients for Bakery and Flour Industry

Forberg has two standard deliveries for the bakery and flour industry, the Forberg Batch Mixer and the Forberg Drying System.

After working with the bakery and flour industry for several decades, and adapting to their special requirements, we refined the Forberg® Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer to comply with the highest technical and hygienic requirements. We have multiple easy cleaning solutions such as falcon doors, chamfered corners and retractable shafts.

A frequent demand in the bakery and flour industry is to increase the shelf life of the ingredients. Forberg dryers are the perfect solution for this application as they can easily dry flour from its usual moisture content of14% down to 6%. The process is energy efficient.


The Forberg® Drying System is especially suitable for powder products, granulates and filter cakes. A typical example of a product that can be dried effectively in a Forberg® Drying System is flour. For many food applications, the moisture in flour is desired optimized for the final product. For example, moisture of the incoming flour can be 15% and batches need to be dried to 12%, 8% and 6%. Due to the reliable and repeatable process, it is an easy task for the operator to produce the exact end quality for each batch.

The system is based on the well-known Forberg® twin shaft mixing technology. The product is dried by mixing energy and flour in the best possible way. Hot air is blown into the dryer and mechanical fluidisation of the product ensures that all particles are surrounded by air. Effective transmission of energy occurs. Moisture is thereby extracted from the product and transported with the air, through a filter, out of the system. The temperature of the product must be kept under a certain value. By monitoring product temperature, together with ingoing air temperature, appropriate process control is guaranteed.

Advantages of the Forberg® twin shaft drying system for drying of flour:
• High thermal efficiency. Less energy usage compared to other types of drying systems.
• Can operate close to the products maximum temperature, increasing drying efficiency.
• Universal machine, where multiple processes are possible in one process chamber.
• The integrated mixing technology always ensures a homogeneous batch.

Process description and system data:
• Product is charged into the dryer. Hot air is blown into the system, where it is mixed with the product. The moist exhaust air leaves the system through a filter.
• Customized control system, automatic operation possible.

Today’s design is the result of many years of practical experience from the delivery of dryers for flour.