Aqua feed

The Forberg® Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer is a natural choice in all processes where raw materials are to be perfectly mixed before the extrusion takes place. Forberg has a range of mixers that can cover any capacity or process production demand.

The Forberg®  Rotating Vacuum Coater (RVC) was specially developed in the 90s for the fish feed industries in Norway. The third generation Forberg® RVC guarantees optimal liquid penetration into the pellets. Up to 42% of fat and oil can be added to achieve a high energetic feed tailor made for salmon and other species.

The unique feature of the Forberg RVC is the fully automated Cleaning in Place (CIP) system, very convenient for processes with zero-tolerance for cross contamination between different recipes such as medicated feed production. Push the button, and during a 30 minutes lunch break, the machine is clean and ready for a new recipe.

Forberg® coaters have found applications anywhere where you have extruded pellets that need high penetration, core coating. Pet food, fish feed, shrimp feed, poultry feed, muesli and snacks are typical products coated in our machine.