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    The Forberg® twin-shaft batch mixer has been developed over several years.

    Forberg International was starting a revolution in industrial mixing in the late seventies when the first twin shaft paddle mixers based on mechanical fluidization of the product were produced in Larvik, Norway.

    These mixers were so efficient and accurate that they have changed the standard demands regarding mixing in the powder/food/feed industry simply because they proved ability to meet much higher demands than the other existing mixers.

    Since then we have delivered a considerate number of mixers all over the world, and refined the details of our machines in order to give our customers reliable, accurate and attractive machines.

    Many other producers are making good mixers today, but Forberg® technology is in the front of the development and the customers can benefit from our long experience with the best powder mixers.


    A small selection of reference projects

    Forberg® Batch Mixer installations in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
    Forberg® Batch Mixer installations in Norway.
    Jotun Powder Coatings
    Forberg® Batch Mixer installations in Norway, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Finland, Vietnam and Pakistan.
    Forberg® Rotating Vacuum Coater installations in Denmark, Norway,Scotland and France.
    Forberg® Rotating Mixer installations in Denmark.

    Hill's Pet Nutrition Manufacturing, s.r.o.
    Forberg® Batch Mixer installations in the Czech Republic.
    Kraft Foods
    Forberg® Batch Mixer installations in Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain.
    Forberg® Batch Mixer installations in China, Malaysia and Thailand.
    Forberg® Continuous Mixer installations in Germany and France.
    Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH
    Forberg® Heat Treatment System installation in Germany.



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