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Forberg® Heat Treatment System

Steam Heat Treatment System is used for producing layers feed. A lot of data about the technology, nutritional value of the feed as well as data about economy of the system is now being collected, and a comparative analysis of feed production (feed for layers) in our Steam Heat Treatment System and in conventional Pellet Press Line will be worked out.

In feed production for layers, heat treatment of mash feed kills salmonella and gives a significant reduction of bacteria spore. The final product is a tremendous quality feed with a perfect structure for the layers. Research has proven better suitability of mash feed compared to pelleted and crumbled feed.

Advantages of heat treated mash feed compared to traditional pelleting and crumbling:

• System is much simpler and more compact

• Less energy usage

• Better digestibility of the feed due to more stabile and healthy gut situation

• Better health, behaviour and performance of the flocks

. Birds need more time for feed intake, which is beneficial in terms of bird behaviour

. Higher inclusion level of fat & oil into the diet is possible

Process description

Coarsely ground grains with ideal structure for layers together with other components are charged into the Forberg® Mixer equipped with steam nozzles. Components are mixed to perfect homogeneity and steam is injected into the Forberg® Mixer to heat up the product to the desired temperature. The temperature is maintained over a certain period of time to kill salmonella and other pathogens.

After the heat treatment, the Forberg® Mixer discharges directly into a Forberg® Dryer/Cooler. In the Forberg® Dryer/Cooler, the moisture and temperature are brought back to the desired levels.

Temperature sensitive additives such as vitamins, enzymes, flavours, pharmaceuticals, etc. can be added directly into the Forberg® Dryer/Cooler and mixed to perfection with the rest of the formulation.

Acids can be added in order to avoid recontamination or increase of bacteria level, until the feed in consumed by the birds.

The mixture is now ready for packaging, bulk loading or intermediate storage.

Forberg International AS has developed and implemented this technology, together with the well known company Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH in Cuxhaven. After six years experience of production of feed in this way Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH highly recommends this technology, which lead to better economy and better performance of the flocks. By changing from pelleted and crumbled to heat treated mash feed at their farms with parents’ flocks, significant improvement of health and performance of the birds has been achieved.

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