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Forberg® Drying System

The Forberg Drying System is especially suitable for powder products, granulates and filter cakes. The system is based on the well-known Forberg twin shaft mixing technology. The product is dried by mixing energy and product in the best possible way. The mechanical fluidisation ensures that all particles are surrounded by the drying medium (cold/ warm/ hot air, inert gas etc.) and an effective transmission of energy occurs. Moisture is thereby extracted from the product. The reliable and repeatable process gives the same perfect quality product for each batch.

Advantages of the Forberg Twin Shaft Drying System:
• High thermal efficiency. Less energy usage compared to other types of drying systems.
• The process can be run in closed loop. Inert gas drying possible.
• Can operate close to the products maximum temperature, increasing drying efficiency.
• Universal machine, where multiple processes are possible in one process chamber.
• The integrated mixing technology always ensures a homogeneous batch.

In the Forberg®Drying System various industrial processes such as mixing, drying, cooling, micro granulation and liquid addition can be done in one system.

In recent years there has been a growing demand for higher productivity, bigger throughput, reduced negative environmental impact and less energy consumption.

The Forberg® Drying System can be the answer to these demands. Besides this system is both FDA and EMEA approved. Forberg International provides solutions which meet the economical, environmental and technological criteria of today.

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