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For decades Forberg® twin shaft mixers have been used within the food industry. Forberg® mixing technology ensures a superb accuracy on the end product. Food safety is a key word for Forberg International– as in the market.

With the rounded top design residue and the possibility of bacteria growth is minimized. Within the food industry this is the preferred shape. Forberg® twin shaft mixers are designed conform GMP standards, and produced according to sanitary standards.


After working with the dairy industry for several years, adapting their special requirements to our design, the Forberg® twin shaft mixer complies with the highest quality requirements.


The Forberg® Drying System is especially suitable for powder products, granulates and filter cakes. A typical example of a product that can be dried effectively in a Forgerg® Drying System is flour.


A typical application for The Forberg® twin shaft mixer is mixing of instant coffee, mixtures with freeze dried coffee, creamer, sweetener and all other very fragile products that require the utmost gentleness combined with high mixing accuracy.

Fruit & Vegetables

Mix of frozen vegetables, breakfast cereals, dry vegetables for soup and other mixes requiring high accuracy in mixing.



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