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Feed safety is becoming a key issue within all feed production. Forberg® mixing technology ensures a superb accuracy in the feed products and can be used for all kind of mixes within the feed industry.

An additional feature is the ability of adding different kind of liquid additives in the same main mixer.

As a premixer the Forberg®mixer should be the natural choice because of the accuracy and repeatability.


The Forberg® high tech Rotating Vacuum Coating system RVC was specially developed for the fish feed industries. Forberg® RVC guarantees the optimum penetration of liquid into the pellets. Up to additional 42% of fat and oil can be added to achieve a high energetic feed tailor made for salmon and other species.


Palatability is key factor in producing high quality pet food. Besides involving a careful selection of ingredients, it involves the right processing technique.

Poultry feed

Forberg® mixing technology ensures a superb accuracy in the feed products. To have healthy and productive poultry the feed structure and nutrition value is important. Pelleted feed or mash feed - the Forberg® twin shaft mixer proves the best results.


The mixing process is vital for mash feed, coarse ration, premix and mineral feed. The Forberg® twin shaft mixer is used for all the above mixing processes, always ensuring the best result.



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