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Due to the combination of high accuracy and gentle mixing action, Forberg® twin shaft mixers have for many decades been serving the chemical industry globally.

Independent of household, agro or industrial chemicals, the Forberg® mixer always ensures the best result.

Household chemicals

Household chemicals have been altered over the years, changing the ingredients focus to a more environmental friendly composition as the green line focus is becoming increasingly important to consumers. Forberg® twin shaft mixers have the accuracy in mixing in which always ensures the best result.

Agro chemicals

Environmental friendly agro chemicals are used for crops to maintain the nutritional value of food and feed. The entire range of Forberg® machines are involved in the processes enabling the producers to serve the farmers’ needs.


Industrial chemicals

Dry paint, road lining material, air bag propellant, brake lining material and fire works are examples of products which require the best mixing technology. Forberg® twin shaft mixers have been used for more than 30 years to serve these demanding industries.



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