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The Forberg® high tech Rotating Vacuum Coating system RVC was specially developed for the fish feed industries. Forberg® RVC guarantees the optimum penetration of liquid into the pellets. Up to additional 42% of fat and oil can be added to achieve a high energetic feed tailor made for salmon and other species.

The Forberg® RVC is specially developed for coating of extrudates, pellets and porous products. Gentle treatment and maximum mechanical reliability makes the machine an ultimate success. It handles the product very gently and generates practically no fines in the process. This machine gives the optimum result for deep core vacuum coating widely used in high fat applications and medication lines.

The production of fish feed with high intrusion of liquid fat/oil required a more sophisticated process than just coating. Forberg International was, in cooperation with trusted customers, in front of the utilization of vacuum technique combined with the Forberg® coater ability to distribute the liquid onto the pellets without breaking the pellets.

Today this technology is also used for the production of human food and pet food .

The Forberg® Mixer ought to be a natural choice in all processes where raw materials are to be mixed before the extrusion takes place. 



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