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Company History

Forberg International AS is the owner of the original Twin Shaft paddle mixer technology. The company is located in Oslo, Norway.

Forberg ® Twin Shaft Mixers, Dryers, Vacuum Coaters and other special machines are in use within the processing industries, food/feed/chemical/fine chemical/and building industries worldwide.

In addition to producing the horizontal twin shaft paddle mixers, Forberg International is also a considerate supplier of turn key installations for mineral wool waste recovery for the Insulation Industry.

All powder-type products with all shapes and densities can be mixed in the Forberg® twin-shaft paddle mixer.

High capacity, low investment costs and minor power consumption make Forberg® mixer very cost efficient and the maintenance of the mixer is minimal.



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Forberg International is now a part of the Skala group

Dear Business Partners,

Forberg International AS, the owner of the original Twin Shaft paddle mixer technology became a member of Skala group in November, 2011. Simultaneously, the company headquarters was moved from Larvik to Oslo.

The Skala group consists of Skala AS ( and 7 other companies. Together we offer an exciting and unique range of skills and products for our customers in the food- and feed industri as well as to other industry markets.
By acquiring Forberg International, Skala AS is further expanding its range of products. In the other hand, by joining  Skala group Forberg have found a strong partner which will ensure its further development and strong position in the market.


November 2011



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