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Bangkok seminar


The recently concluded seminar 4th of November containing topics within mixing processes, mixing equipment and typical nutrition-feed technology interaction was successfully held at the Dusit Princess Hotel, Bankok.

Forberg International together with their representative in Thailand, KM.18 was in charge of this successful event. Guest lecturer at the seminar was Prof. Birger Svihus, Professor of Nutrition at Norwegian University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Various scientific topics and valuable analyses were presented to the audience.
Prof. Svihus lectured about the extent of grinding of raw materials in relation with optimal pelleting process and consequently with nutrient digestibility and poultry health. He has identified the crucial role of structural materials in the diet on proper development of digestive tract and maximized digestibility of diets for broilers and layers.

Vladimir Jozin (M.Sc. animal feed) spoke about mixing, vacuum coating and steam heat treatment. Forberg® Steam Heat Treatment System is designed for production of mash feed for layers.

Forberg Steam Heat Treatment System is offered as an alternative to the conventional production lines for layers feed. Compared to conventional production lines the Forberg Steam Heat Treatment System is less complicated and less demanding in terms of energy, resource and time and yet producing healthy and high quality feed for layers.

All together 60 attendees joined this seminar, representing the largest manufacturers of feed and poultry feed industry in Thailand.
Forberg International AS has been working with KM.18 since early nineties and has been active in the feed industry since the beginning of the eighties.
Situated in Norway, Forberg International serves clients world-wide with the famous Forberg® mixer, rotating vacuum coater and heat treatment system and assists them through their high expertise within this field.





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